The challenge of quality

The old people's home "Il Paradiso degli Anziani" is the opportunity for a resting stay.

This great structure as a four stars hotel is situated on Vittoria's ring road, as the forking Comiso_ -Vittoria in direction Licodia. Its position made it become a reference point for all Italy. Since 1986, the opening's year, Il Paradiso degli Anziani takes care for every detail, offering That way a high quality service.

The rooms are comfortable and well furnished and the medical and nursing staff is high qualified. Moreover its pays particular attention to the hygiene and cooking.

"The real advertising for Il Paradiso degli Anziani is made by our own clients, explains the director Baglieri, because they are entirely satisfied with our services". The Old's people home is surrounded with a 10.000 square metre garden offering the opportunity to clients and relatives to spend a great part of the time getting some fresh air.

The other facilities are a great enclosed parking and comfortable bedrooms with TV and convector available with 1, 2 or 3 beds. The rooms are structured ti welcome everybody: the autonomous, those with the rollchair, Alzheimer, Parkinson, Down and the mental patients. Il Paradiso degli Anziani has moreover a great amphitheatre for shows, a chapel for the mass and rooms for meetings and games.

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